Regolo Bizzi was born in Milan in Italy the year of 1954.
Already from the age of 6 Regolo had artistic interests, perhaps because he already in his first years of school was surrounded by artists who, due to various handicaps painted with their feet or with their mouths.
For most of his life he has been painting figuratively, but in the 1970s he disovered the art of M C Escher which has been a great source of inspiration ever since.
In 2010 he happened upon a book on geometry in nature. His interest in the link between art and geometry steadily increased to become his primary means of artistic expression.
He hasn't completely abandoned the figurative art, but discovering the geometry behind all forms has become his true passion.

Many copies of his work circulate the internet, but this is the only place where you can buy the original artworks handdrawn by Regolo himself.


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